Burlesque Acts


1. Wings of Isis

Take a journey with the dark goddess through the sands of time. Includes Isis wings and headdress.






























































2. Just A Hole

Bask in the depths of her dark, sparkly heart. Inspired by Parisian Vaudeville.



























3. Snake Charmer

Journeying through the sands of time and arriving with a friend in store. Incorporates elements of belly dance.



















4. Psycho Killer

Watch as the machete wielding psycho teases her prey. Based around the song "Psycho Killer" by the Talking Heads. Includes my victim who is tied to a chair who's head is a cantaloupe that I chop off.























5. Badgirl Bette

Bump n grind number inspired by fetish Bettie Page. Includes whip and gag ball.

6. Hobo Harlequin

Hobo harlequin traveling through time and space just looking for a ride and companionship. Includes various props such as suitcase, washboard, tambourine.


















7. Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?

Based after the song by The Cramps. Includes leopard print body suit. Lots of floor work.

8. Goo Goo Muck

Based after the song by The Cramps. Spooky sexy feel. Includes green "goo" that I rub all over my body.























9. Rebel Rebel

Based after the song by David Bowie. Gender bending. Includes eye patch, mustache and colored armpit hair.

10. Wednesday Addams

Captures Wednesday's vindictive yet playful attitude. Performed to "Out of Limits" by the Marketts. Includes machete, poison bottle, umbrella and poppers that I pull out of my panties.























11. Sofie Fatale

Plays character Sofie Fatale from Kill Bill movie. Includes loose scene reenactment and playful comedy.

12. Sirius Black/Werewolf Act

Curated for a Harry Potter themed show and also a Dr. Who show, this act consists of slow burning tease, reveals and mystery! Includes werewolf mask, cape and glitter pops.




















13. Strictly Rule

Inspired by classic bump n grind style tease, this slow burning number displays Bette's sultry and mystifying side. Includes feather headdress, panel skirt, classic burlesque choreography.
























13. The Pixies-Hey

Based around the Pixies song "Hey" this act is an ode to glamour grunge. Includes sparkly sunglasses, fur coat, Dr. Marten's and glitter! Bette brings the attitude and floorwork.


Sideshow Acts


1. Glasswalking

Tango inspired glamorous burlesque/sideshow number. Glasswalking featured at end of number.

























2. Human Cutting Board

Dark, macabre and theatrical burlesque/sideshow number. Bette chops cucumbers on various parts of her body with a machete!
















































3. Staple Gun

Bette has members of the audience staple money to different parts of her body with her trusty staple gun!














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